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Client. KT&G 상상마당

KT&G 상상마당에서 진행되는 «플라스틱 러브 PLASTIC LOVE» 전시의 디자인을 진행했습니다. 전시의 제목 ‘플라스틱 러브’는 영원한 사랑을 맹세하는 수식어로 변치 않는 플라스틱을 제안하며 ‘플라스틱 오염(PLASTIC POLLUTION)’을 주제로 4명의 작가(팀)이 참여합니다.

프래그는 ‘형태가 바뀔지라도 본질은 쉽게 변하지않고, 미세하게 쪼개질지언정 사라지지 않는 플라스틱’ 을 인류세대의 ‘오류’로 해석하여 부유하는 플라스틱의 이미지를 구성하였습니다.

The title of exhibition, «PLASTIC LOVE», proposes unchangeable plastic as a modifier pledging eternal love. The nature of plastic, which does not change its substance as easily as its shape changes, and does not disappear although it breaks down into fine pieces, questions the current situation and perception of plastics that is widely used as disposable products. The exhibit highlights that plastics, which form new strata of the Earth with Plastiglomerate and are permanently remaining as evidence of the Anthropocene, have too long lifespan to be used on a one-off basis. Moreover, it is hoped to be an opportunity to think about the issues of mass production, consumption and recycling of contemporary plastics from an ecological perspective.

Artists. Doyeon Gwon, Hwasoo Yoo, Haejung Jung, PRAG-LAB
Periods. 14 August – 22 September (Closed on the day of Chuseok)
Venue. KT&G Sangsangmadang Hongdae Gallery Ⅰ (4F)

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